Satisfaction Lies in the Effort of Our Staff

In developing any business much of the focus is on getting your product to market, building customer awareness and hopefully establishing a loyal customer following. It is through our customer loyalty that we are able to build or business.

But how much emphasis is put on staff satisfaction. Meaning how much of your efforts, as a business team leader, manager or owner, have been spent emphasizing staff satisfaction? Many times this is overlooked. The staff of a business are the direct face of the business. It is through this window that new potential customers and existing customers will look through in deciding on whether or not to entrust your business with their direct needs.

Imagine this scenario. A customer finds your business through your expensive marketing efforts. It is not always so easy to differentiate your business from the competition out there – whether online or through traditional marketing solutions. But you have done it – and have attracted the customer your want. The customer approaches your business and is confronted with an unsatisfied employee or employees. The important marketing messaging is lost in an instant.

Coaching, training, understanding of business objectives are all important parts of staff satisfaction. Recognition for an individuals achievements and input in to these objectives will pay huge dividends.

A happy team who understands and is well trained on the key objectives of the business will represent and reflect this to the customer. A customer will buy from a business which provides added value and address’ the customers needs. The customer’s first impression as they look into the window of the business will be a lasting impression that can develop loyalty and provide for a long term business relationship.


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